A Challenging Truth

A widely accepted truth in the cryptocurrency trading industry: finding a legitimate broker is challenging. 

Throughout the world wide web, we would find horrifying stories of people being scammed and losing almost, if not, their entire life’s savings because they opted to trust the wrong individuals. And mind you, there are a lot of entities out there who do aim at draining good people of their hard-earned money. 

So what does one do to safeguard themselves from these fraudulent entities? The fact of the matter is we can never be too sure of the people we deal with. The online culture has fostered an age of anonymity that endangers the rights of free-trading and free-buying citizens in this highly-consumerist world. The way to go about keeping our heads above water is to do research—rigorous research at that.

To this cause, we would like to present a brokerage company that holds the Cryptocurrency trading industry in esteem. This is Trade99.

What Trade99 Is All About


Trade99 is a cryptocurrency broker that is the first to employ a fully-regulated and Bitcoin-based CFD platform. On top of that, it also deals with Forex and precious metals.

The company boasts of a wide variety of accounts that traders can choose from. These accounts include: 

  • Standard Accounts 
  • Silver Accounts 
  • Gold Accounts
  • Premium Service Accounts

Users who had chosen to enlist Trade99’s services had found out that the company’s trading platforms are innovative, intuitive, and offers a plethora of unique and features that can be customized. In effect, these allow traders, whether experienced or novice, to weather risks and get a pulse on potential profits so that they can make informed decisions.

But of course, such are easy claims to make. What we need to look into are the details of their services and how traders could actually benefit from them.

First off, it must be noted that Trade99 has a quick withdraw turnaround—and that is good news anywhere. 

Trade99’s website speaks of attractive offers that would have traders scrambling for their digital wallets. 

First off, Trade99 provides an environment more than conducive for trading. 

The web platform is stable. The company had gathered quite a handsome number of recognition throughout the years. It has even been named the “Best Crypto Broker” and was awarded for having the most efficient platform.  

Trade99’s site is intuitive, making it easy to navigate. Through the site, the company had made sure that all understand the trading software.

Treade99’s site makes all its users and visitors privy to the following perks upon signing up:

  • Leverages are secured.
  • The Cryptocurrencies that you would be provided are in-demand, making it lucrative to trade and transact with.
  • Has supported the market and limit order types
  • Its market risks are reduced through specific exposure with the use of hedging strategies.

Through Trade99’s education center, all novice traders would be trained properly on how to manage the trading platform the company had employed so that they can go about securing good trades.



But the question remains: Is Trade99 duly licensed AND registered?

The short answer is YES! 

Trade99 holds a license from the Dominican Regulatory Commission. What this means is that the company had passed all the pertinent requirements for legitimacy and sound operations. Signing up with Trade99 saves you from all the grief of trial and error, which not only means time lost, but also money squandered.

Traders who sign up for Trade99 are secured with the following facets:


Trade99 protects the interests of its users through securing funds for its accounts. This they are doing through partnering with trusted depository banks. 

MasterCard and Visa are the conduits with which Trade99 does business. As this is the case, when you sign up with Trade99, you will also get familiarized with these channels. 

Regarding withdrawals, Trade99 ensures a speedy withdrawal process. Such is permitted round the clock, 24/7. All that users have to present are their complete particulars, specifically their whole name that stands for their account name and its corresponding account number. 

Trade99’s deposit and withdrawal info page is furnished with a more detailed explanation for these processes. It would do the user well to check the page out.

Types of Accounts

As already mentioned, Trade99 offers clients 4 different types of accounts. To reiterate, these are the following:

  • Standard Accounts 
  • Silver Accounts 
  • Gold Accounts
  • Premium Service Accounts

The good thing about availing of any of the accounts is that Trade99 adheres to the industry standard of the deposit minimum of $250. And should you find yourself challenged on which account to choose, the company’s support team would be more than willing to accommodate all your queries to help you out in choosing. Interested parties would be able to reach Trade99 through Whatsapp.

But not only that, investors and traders are availed of Live Chats from Trade99’s able-minded support team. So should the user have questions regarding the trading platform, viable trading timeframes, sound financial decisions, and the like, he or she would find the company more than accommodating through its efficient communication channels.

The Trading Software

Trade99 makes use of MetaTrader4 (MT4), a trading platform trusted by the most experienced traders and investors. Boasting of advanced trading tools, MT4 has an intuitive interface. It lets its users in on all economic news and events and, more importantly, all trading opportunities in the most opportune timeframes.

Fund Security

Trade99 knows the game and knows the corresponding penalties for brokerage companies that do not secure their clients’ funds. As such, the company uses SSL Encryption to ensure the safety of funds.

Trade99: A Scam?

As already made known in the earlier parts of this feature, Trade99 has a license from the Dominican Regulatory Commission. This tells us, may we be doubtful of the company’s legitimacy or already sold out to the idea of enlisting its services, Trade99 has passed all the requirements for certification so that it can legally go about its operations. 


Sign Up With Trade99 Today!

With everything that has been said regarding Trade99, it’s easy to see that interested parties need not be apprehensive about signing up with the company.

Trade99 is licensed, thus attesting to its legitimacy. The funds that one would be depositing to it are more than secured through its encryption system. It’s usage of MT4 allows for efficient trading ventures. But of course, you need not take our word for it. A diligent trader who values all his or her ventures with the aim of securing profits would do actual legwork by doing research.

To reiterate, the worldwide web is rife with reviews that you can either take with a grain of salt or by rhetoric. Wise is the trader who would go to lengths just to safeguard not only potential profit but also the integrity of the trading industry. 

However, we do stand by our well-informed claim: Trade99 is a legitimate Cryptocurrency broker worthy of your attention.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Trade99 today!