Choosing a Good Brokerage Partner

Recognizing that choosing a trustworthy brokerage company is tremendously challenging in this fast-paced era of trading, we took it upon ourselves to help the common trader make a choice. This we aim to do through the survey of agents, the giving of in-depth data, and efficient customer support. Furthering the cause, we had come up with this short feature on IFC Markets. Detailed here are the capabilities of the brokerage company and what it offers that would have every trader lining up for its services.

What is IFC Markets?

First thing’s first: What exactly is IFC Markets? 

IFC Markets is a brokerage company that has served over 20,000 customers over the past 12 years. Through it, clients have been provided with boundless exchanging implements that not only make trading fast and convenient but also allows for multiple chances to be successful. IFC Markets hails from the IFCM, an international group engaged with creating innovations in the field of finance.

IFC Markets Education

Effective trading is composed of multiple facets. Every broker and well-experienced trader knows this. As such, the former understands the need to help and scaffold their clients with various trading strategies. 

To aid the cause, IFC had made instruction materials available through an online source. Duly called, Online Trading Academy, the materials that the source includes are the following:

  • video instructional exercises 
  • PDF manuals
  • vocabulary lists
  • Day-by-day records of specialized investigation and other systematic recordings submitted by specialists. 

IFC Markets’ client support team have mastered 18 foreign languages for greater audience reach.

The Nitty-Gritty on IFC Markets

To completely understand IFC, one should consistently check its most recent data. In this regard, the following facets of the brokerage company will be discussed at length in this short article:

  • IFC Markets: Scam or Legitimate?
  • The Exchange Platform
  • Fees for Trading
  • Leverage
  • Deposit and Withdrawal conditions

IFC Markets: True or Boo?

Sanctioned by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC), IFC Markets is a legal entity set up by IFC Markets Corp. and the British Virgin Islands. While being an offshore company, IFC Markets is incorporated with IFCM Cyprus Limited, and a Cyprus Investment Firm enlisted under the CySEC.


How Legal is IFC Markets?

European standards stringently enforce rules and sanctions to the IFC Markets. This makes the entity wholly legal and, therefore, safe to transact business with. On top of that, The IFCM CYPRUS LIMITED is from the CySEC of the ICF (Investor Compensation Fund). It observes the European Commission’s MiFID. What this ensures is that the company gets benefits within the EEA.

IFC clients are made secure through reserves and investment plans. Additionally, IFCMARKETS. CORP. takes repayment for Financial Institutions Insurance in the AIG EUROPE LIMITED.

Exchanging Platforms

IFC Markets enlists the aid of 2 mainstream trading platforms, namely, MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrade5 (MT5). Another trading software that they have the license is NetTradeX.

MT4 and MT5 are not difficult to use. These platforms are not only user-friendly but can be easily accessed through multiple devices. All functionalities may be customized to cater to the user’s needs conveniently.

On the other hand, NeTradeX had earned a highly-positive online reputation. The trading platform makes use of the GeWorko Method for Portfolio Trading. The NeTradeX has standard trading instruments alongside those that are specially engineered by the company’s experts.

Through advisors, the trading platforms are able to turnout insight. Its graphical interface allows for seeing positions and requests first hand. It also makes use of custom markers and administration utilities.

The NetTradeX Advisors still perform the fundamental functions of the trading platform, may it be in manual mode or guided by calculations of a code.

Trading Costs and Spread

The IFCM had adopted the most important of trading requirements and implements them effectively and strictly. As it recognizes that it is well within a fast-paced, always-changing trading landscape, the IFC offers trading accounts, with either fixed or floating spreads. On top of this, IFC Markets had also made demo accounts available for all interested parties, thus allowing for test procedures through virtual assets.

The IFCM also has VIP accounts that are highly-adaptable, flexible, have customizable individual instruments, free VPS access, zero commissions on deposits and withdrawals, alongside others.

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