Beaxy exchange review: Why choose them?

beaxy exchange review
Why trade any crypto exchange when there is Binance and the likes of them. It’s easy: some exchanges simply have their specific purposes that Binance and the bigger, more universal crypto brokers don’t have. Beaxy is one of such brokers. However, it is not just a good choice because of some specific niche feature.

Beaxy has several very good upsides (and also downsides, but mostly upsides) that make them a nice option if what you want is to invest into some coins without much effort.

What is Beaxy exactly?

Beaxy is a successful cryptocurrency exchange that accumulated some reputation and a lot of contracts with unfamiliar crypto issuers all over the Internet.

They have basically collected an extremely large library of different cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens. Of course, it’s nowhere near Binance with their 500+ pairs, but it’s still a very extensive library.

The other side of Beaxy is their innovativeness. They have created several software products designed to improve the livelihood of an average crypto trader (provided of course that they trade on Beaxy). This includes, among other things:

  • Hummingbot – an automated trading system by Beaxy
  • Beaxy Platform – an in-built trading platform with a great design that doesn’t require to be downloaded in order to boot
  • Trender – a Tinder-like app that offers you potentially good deals (in the opinion of experts who compile these offers) that you can reject or approve with one swipe
  • Beaxy API – an advanced interface with all the data you’ll need for trading
  • Signals – if you trade on Beaxy, you can sign up for their signals, they basically tell you when it’s a good idea to invest in one of the popular trading pairs

Naturally, all of these pieces of software are integrated to some extent. The resulting potential for improving your experience here is large. It’s not nearly as big as if you would be scrupulously adding new tools to your MetaTrader 4, but these instruments are all ready to install and work together perfectly.

Other upsides

Besides the possibly good crypto-trading experience, Beaxy has several unique uses that big platforms like Beaxy do not.

  • Rare coins and tokens

As mentioned, Beaxy has signed many agreements over the years to allow numerous tokens and coins on their platform. These products are almost unique to Beaxy, so if you’ll find yourself in possession of a peculiar coin, it’ll likely be featured on Beaxy. Moreover, it may be exclusive to Beaxy.

For instance, one of the more recent additions is Gunthy tokens issued by the company with the same name and used to fuel Gunbot, one of their creations. It reportedly increases your profits, but if you’ll want to invest some of your spare Gunthy tokens into Bitcoin, you’ll need to come to Beaxy for that.

  • Great design

Obviously, neatness isn’t what you seek in your average broker, not when many of them have other more pressing issues. However, Beaxy’s design doesn’t just look good, it’s also very practical. The pages aren’t littered with all sorts of information, all the necessary sections are easily available and it’s very low to get lost or confused here.

And the most amazing thing is their trading platform, whose design does look pretty neat, but it’s also intuitive and user-friendly. It’s obvious what most buttons do and the most important ones are also the biggest and most colorful. They are also spaced out very effectively, which makes it hard to press the wrong box on accident.
beaxy exchange review other upsides

  • Blog

Blog posts are generally used as a means to educate or keep users informed in this industry. Blog is an essential part of any broker, and it’s a shame these posts are very frequently subpar in quality – they are either not unique, unhelpful or simply for show in the worst situations.

Beaxy is a step above many of their colleagues, because their blog fulfills several crucial requirements for a high-quality source of informative material.

It’s frequent – new posts are released several times a week. It’s relevant – most speak about some important changes on the markets or on the exchange. It’s informative – many teach you how to be a better trader as well as keep you aware of recent news. Lastly, it’s not boring, which is always a bane of the otherwise well-done text content.

Who is Beaxy for?

Cryptocurrency is a bit different from other trading products (stock, Forex, etc.) in that coins are mostly traded on exchanges built into the websites that belong to one broker or another. It’s part of their nature, because it’s easier for them to set up exchanges in Web rather than provide trading on the usual trading platforms like MT4.

Beaxy is advantageous to work with exactly because they have so many different tools and instruments that can be integrated right into the trading experience very neatly. Most exchanges don’t have these, because you’ll have to develop them yourself or buy a license to them from some third-party.

If you were to trade on MT4, you could enhance your software with many different tools and plug-ins available in free access all over the Internet, but it wouldn’t be too comfortable – MetaTraders are designed primarily for Forex trading. It’s much better to work with APIs that were designed specifically for crypto investing.

So, Beaxy is perfect for those traders who want to enhance their crypto-trading experience without much effort and headache.

In conclusion

Beaxy would be a sensible choice for a primary exchange platform, but using it from time to time to trade particular tokens or use one of the apps is also a good idea.

Generally, you would do well to create an account here just in case, because you never know when an extensive provider like this one could come in handy.